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Things to Do: Deep-Sea Fishing, Dominican Republic

No trip to the Dominican Republic would be complete without a day of deep-sea fishing - Dominican Republic waters are some of the clearest in the West Indies, creating more than ideal conditions for an excursion. Deep sea-fishing Dominican Republic coastal regions has been bolstered in recent years by newly renovated marina complexes, so finding somewhere to book an outing shouldn't be a problem.

To organize a trip that includes deep-sea fishing, Dominican Republic boat tour operators are widely available in most towns along the water, especially in popular resort regions. Boat charters for deep-sea fishing (Dominican Republic crews experienced in the sport will accompany you) generally cost in the area of US$500 for a full-day outing, and half-day trips can also be arranged. Deep-sea fishing Dominican Republic waters almost guarantee a catch of marling, wahoo, and other exotic fish, but great views and plenty of sun make the trip well worth it even if your boat returns empty.

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