Dominican Republic Restaurants

Dominican Republic Restaurants

Which such a wide expanse of territory, people, and influence, you'd expect Dominican Republic restaurants to touch each end of the culinary spectrum. They do. Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Italian, American, and, of course, Caribbean influences all appear at Dominican Republic restaurants, sometimes alone but often together on one eclectic menu. Resort areas and the capital of Santo Domingo typically offer the best selection of restaurants in the Dominican Republic; island outskirts do not lack in creativity, however, and you're likely to find an out of the way spot or two worthy of several return visits.

Try some of the following favorite Dominican Republic restaurants and you're sure to be pleased:

Just as the name suggests, Dominican Republic restaurants don't get much more Italian than this contemporary establishment. Lively music and candlelit settings enhance the atmosphere. In Santo Domingo. Tel: 809-565-3708

One of the more artistic restaurants in Dominican Republic. Island influences fuse with contemporary dining favorites. In Puerto Plata. Note: closed Mondays. Tel: 809-261-1000

La Yola
Don't make the rounds of Dominican Republic restaurants without trying a fresh seafood eatery like this one. Delightful open-air views of the water complement the menu. In Punta Cana. Reservations a must. Tel: 809-221-2262

Caribbean Blue
One of the most popular Dominican Republic restaurants, serving contemporary cuisine in an exquisite 16th-century colonial building. In Santo Domingo. Note: closed Mondays. Tel: 809-682-1238

Arabian décor and fez-topped waiters make this spot a favorite with both locals and tourists, but the Middle Eastern style cuisine is what truly stands out. In Santo Domingo. Note: closed Mondays. Tel: 809-227-2323

El Patio
An elegant menu that's strictly Caribbean is rare amongst Dominican Republic restaurants, but the two chefs heading El Patio pull it off with style. In Casa de Campo. Reservations a must. Tel: 809-523-8548

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