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Security & Health - Dominican Republic Travel Tips

Though the Caribbean is generally a safe and secure place to visit, there are a few Dominican Republic travel tips to keep in mind as a precaution if you're planning a holiday there:

Many guides listing Dominican Republic travel tips list water as a main concern for people traveling there. The country's filtration system has been vastly improved over recent years, making tap water there alright to drink. Bottled water is readily available, however, for tourists who wish to play it safe. Dominican Republic travel tips sometimes list food as problematic as well, but strict guidelines have been set that have all but eliminated worries over spoiled buffets. Upscale tourist-oriented restaurants are just as clean and safe as any found in North America.

Though crime is rare, especially in busy tourist areas, a few Dominican Republic travel tips should be heeded as basic common sense - ie. never leaving valuables behind in your accommodations or unlocked car, avoiding walking alone at nighttime. Suggestions like these apply to most tourist destinations, not just Dominican Republic travel tips.

Always be sure to check your home government's Dominican Republic travel tips for reliable and up to date information.

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