Dominican Republic shopping

Dominican Republic Shopping

Shopping in the Dominican Republic is not merely a time-filler, it's a sport. Stepping out determinedly from their Dominican Republic villas and resorts, experienced shoppers turn haggling into an art form; vendors expect it, and may be disappointed if you don't bargain for a better price. While stores here aren't stocked with the duty-free deals found on other Caribbean islands, local crafts and fun souvenirs make for an enjoyable day out from the serenity of Dominican Republic villas, and you'll find prices here very affordable.

Resort areas near Dominican Republic villas and hotels translate into big business for local merchants - there will be no shortage of boutiques and stands to choose from. The most popular shopping item here remains the cigar, which are easy to enjoy sitting on the veranda of Dominican Republic villas. The best cigars come from the Ciabo Valley, which can be found in most reputable shops of Santo Domingo. Jewelry is another hot item, but not your typical gold and silver. Picture the color of the Caribbean looking out to sea from Dominican Republic villas - that is the color of Larimar, a semiprecious stone found on the island's south coast. Along with golden fossilized Amber stone, Larimar is highly sought after and can get on the expensive side; beware of the cheaper knock-offs being sold at street stalls. Many unaware tourists have returned to their Dominican Republic villas after a day of shopping carrying nothing but colored plastic.

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