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Dominican Republic Newspapers & Telecommunications

Travelers in the Dominican Republic shouldn't experience any trouble staying in touch and getting news from back home. The country's telecommunication system is as up to date and efficient as the one in North America. TV and Internet access are also widely available in the best accommodations.

The easiest way to keep up with what is going on during your vacation is by reading Dominican Republic newspapers or international dailies found at local shops. There are a wide variety of Dominican Republic newspapers to choose from, most of which printed in the Spanish language - the Listin Diario, En Marcha, and Primicias all boast big circulation numbers. Dominican Republic newspapers are generally based in the capital of Santo Domingo but cover national and some international news. For regional-based news in English, offers the latest in Dominican Republic goings-on and is updated daily. In addition to checking out Dominican Republic newspapers, tourists should also be able to find at least a few of the bigger American papers at specialty stores, some grocery stores, and scattered throughout resort areas.

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