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Transportation & Car Rental - Dominican Republic

By far and away the best way to get around here is to rent a car. In Dominican Republic, things are fairly spread out and there are enough things to see that merit a special trip out of the way. Public transportation (which actually consists of privately run routes) and taxis are ideal for short distances, but for any amount of touring you will need a car rental. Dominican Republic rental agencies consist of the larger international companies, as well as local outfits. To rent a car in Dominican Republic there is a trade-off: pay lower rates but have less confidence with smaller agencies (ie. concerning insurance), or pay more but cover all your bases with a name that's well known in car rental. Dominican Republic car rental rates average US$70 per day, but this may vary widely depending on whom you choose. Your best chance to shop around for deals is in Santo Domingo, especially near the airport from where most visitors rent a car in Dominican Republic.

To rent a car in Dominican Republic you will need a valid driver's license from your home country and a credit card to book. Most agencies also require a deposit of up to $200 to rent a car in Dominican Republic. This is part precaution, and part necessity, as many roads in the Dominican Republic are in less than perfect shape.

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