Dominican Republic watersports

Dominican Republic Fishing & Watersports

Most watersports, and especially Dominican Republic fishing, are very popular here with both local Dominicans and tourists who know that being by the water means a bevy of fun activities to choose from. Watersports outfitters have set themselves up in and around busy resort areas, so finding rental gear and instructions shouldn't be too hard. This includes Dominican Republic fishing tour companies, from which visitors can charter boats and crews for a day out on the sea.

Great conditions and plentiful marlin and wahoo fish are the big draws for Dominican Republic fishing, an activity that has grown in popularity over the last few years with the development of more and more tourist resorts. Enthusiastic fisherman or anyone looking for a nice journey on the water can charter a Dominican Republic fishing boat for anywhere between US$300 and $700 for a full day's excursion. Most Dominican Republic fishing charters come complete with crew, fishing gear, and refreshments, though inquiring in advance as to what's included is recommended. Dominican Republic fishing tours can be arranged through the newly renovated marina at Casa de Campo, Actividas Acuatica in Puerto Plata, or Marina Punta Cana. Shorter half-day Dominican Republic fishing trips are also widely available for booking.

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