Dominican Republic Weather

Weather - Dominican Republic

If there is one thing that keeps bringing people back here time after time, it has to be the weather. Dominican Republic weather is as spectacular as one would expect from this tropical paradise of sun, sand, and sea. Lazy sunbeams and bright blue skies compete for attention here, a veritable never-ending barrage of pleasant year-round weather. Dominican Republic climatic conditions are dictated by its latitude; at a relatively close distance to the equator the weather here is most definitely tropical, meaning that seasons blur around the edges and have little impact upon the weather. Dominican Republic temperatures hover in the 80s all year; averages in the 'Winter' dip only a few degrees lower, while the Summer remains enjoyable at only a few degrees above this norm.

There are several ways of beating the heat if you do find yourself stifled by hot weather. Dominican Republic beaches are fanned by cool trade winds coming off the water, so sticking close to the sandy-white strips is bound to keep you relaxed. Higher altitudes - the highest in the Caribbean - are also useful in taking on sweltering weather. Dominican Republic mountains are typically a few degrees cooler than the towns and full of shady palms.

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